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WeTicket originated from a group of organisers with a need for progress. By working together, we managed to develop smarter tools and reduce costs. Now everyone can benefit from this.

Access to all tools
Personal support
All for one fixed price
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No start-up costs
No permanent contracts
Unlimited number of team members
An ordering process in your own style
Unlimited number of ticket types
Date selection & time slots
All recognised payment methodes
Sale of products (such as merchandise)
Receive donations
Detailed sales analysis
External marketing links
Customisable checkout forms
Seamless website integrations
Mobile check-in app
POS system
More subscribers to your newsletter
Comply with the AVG and the GDPR

"Refreshing to find a party like WeTicket among the big boys with extortionate prices."

Niels | Harddraverijvereniging Lisse

As far as we are concerned, of course

No permanent contracts

Flexibility is of great importance to organisers. Therefore, at WeTicket we do not work with fixed contracts.

Personal contact

An expert is always at your service. We help you determine the best strategy.

100% transparent

No fine print or complex negotiations. Just a fair rate for everyone.

Processing of payments

The above price is our price. To process payments, you link WeTicket to Mollie. Mollie makes sure you can receive payments securely. If a visitor orders 2 tickets with iDEAL then you pay €0.15 per ticket to Mollie.
More information
Mollie benefits
1. All regular methods are supported by Mollie.
2. The costs are lower because you work directly with a Payment Service Provider without the intervention of a ticketing system.
3. You can have revenues deposited into your account every day. Very attractive for your cash flow.

Mollie Costs
Mollie charges €0.29 for an iDEAL payment. For a Bancontact payment, Mollie charges €0.39. On average, visitors order 2 to 3 tickets per order. To calculate the cost per ticket, divide the cost by the number of tickets.

Use this link to view the rates for all other payment methods.


Can WeTicket be reached for questions?

At WeTicket, personal contact is very important to us. Therefore, our team is ready for you. We can be reached by email, Whatsapp and by phone.

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Am I stuck with something?

Je kunt altijd stoppen. Bij WeTicket werken we niet met vaste contracten.

Are there any start-up costs?

We do not charge any start-up costs. We only charge a fee of €0.18 per ticket or product.

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