7 tips for selling tickets on LinkedIn

With more than 690 million users, LinkedIn is an interesting channel for promoting your ticket sales. For business events such as fairs, networking meetings and conferences, LinkedIn is perfect. But you can also use LinkedIn to promote private events. In this article, we give you 7 tips to promote your event on LinkedIn.


It is not possible to create a ticketshop with LinkedIn. If you want to sell tickets on LinkedIn then you first need to create your own ticketshop. Via this link you can create a ticketshop within 5 minutes. You can then promote this ticketshop on LinkedIn.

1) Create a company page on LinkedIn

If you don't have a business page yet, it's a good idea to create one first. On your business page, you can share content such as industry news, updates about your business, or posts about your events. Don't forget to put a link to your ticket store on your business page. You can also invite contacts and friends to your company page. Sending out invitations will drive traffic to your business page.

2) Create a LinkedIn event

From your company page, you can create events on LinkedIn. You get an event page on LinkedIn with all the important details about your event. People can then put themselves in attendance. On your LinkedIn event page you can also add the link to your ticketshop. Interested people can easily order tickets with this.

3) Post about your event on LinkedIn

By writing a post from your business page, you can highlight events. Make sure you get people excited in your post and tell why it's an event they don't want to miss. It works well to add visuals such as photos and videos to your post. And again, don't forget to add a link to your ticket store. You can also share posts yourself on your personal LinkedIn page.

4) Post about your event in relevant LinkedIn groups

On Linked-in, you can sign up for groups. Groups allow sharing of relevant information related to the group's topic. Find groups that may connect to your event and invite members of the group to attend your event. Note! Usually groups have rules about what you may and may not post. Read these rules carefully and adjust your content as needed.

5) Send invitations to your connections

Send personalized invitations to your connections who might be interested in attending your event (colleagues, clients, friends or family). It may be interesting to offer discounts to get connections to order tickets early.

6) Ask your network to comment, like or share your post

In addition to sending invitations to your connections, consider asking them if they are willing to like or share your post. LinkedIn posts with lots of interactions reach a larger audience.

7) Use sponsored content to reach a wider audience

One of the best ways to promote events through LinkedIn is through sponsored posts. Sponsored posts are distributed based on users' location and interests. Although this option costs money, it is an effective means of highlighting events. If the content of your sponsored post and the target audience is well defined then this can be an effective tool.


LinkedIn is an interesting platform to promote your event (especially for business events). By following these tips in this article, you can raise awareness of your event and sell tickets on LinkedIn. Good luck!

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