Sell more tickets for your event

4 useful tips

1. Start on time

Our data analyses show that organisers who start selling tickets 4 weeks (or more) in advance of their event generally perform better. Sounds logical, right?

2. Create a familiar feeling

The Internet is full of inaccuracies. That is why it is important that potential visitors have a trusted feeling when ordering a ticket. You can win their trust by styling the ordering process in your own familiar house style. You can easily style the ordering process from your WeTicket portal. Add your own logo, colours and fonts, among other things.

3. Keep your fans informed with mail campaigns

By using a ticket sales system you automatically collect email addresses from visitors. Many of them like to stay informed about all your activities. Newsletters make it possible to communicate with these visitors in an interactive and personal way. A handy way of bringing future activities to their attention at an early stage.

WeTicket can be linked to Mailchimp, among others. This way, all people who subscribe to your newsletter are automatically added to your audience.

4. Make presales attractive

Many potential visitors postpone buying tickets. However, organisers benefit greatly if visitors buy tickets early. Therefore, it might be a good idea to activate visitors to buy tickets early:

- Make it financially attractive for visitors to order tickets quickly with an 'early bird campaign'.

- If your capacity is limited, it is possible to show the remaining number of tickets. This shows visitors that they don't have to wait too long. It is also possible to mark specific ticket types as sold out. This allows you to create a feeling of scarcity.

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